Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

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Project Description

  • Rachel Miller’s clinics are OPEN for treatments.         
  • Clinic rooms are well ventilated and there are gaps between each patient.                                          
  • Rooms thoroughly cleaned between each patient.
  • Clinics are fully PPE & government compliant.              
  • Rachel Miller is fully vaccinated.

Biomechanics, Gait Analysis and Orthotic Insoles

Rachel Miller is a highly experienced podiatrist specialising in biomechanics, gait analysis and orthotic insoles. Her clinics are in the Highgate Health Centre or Highgate Podiatry, both in Highgate village, N6, North London. For clinic directions and maps see the Contact page.

Rachel is HCPC registered, is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (MChS), has a Prescription Only Medicines Certificate and is registered with the major healthcare insurance providers.

A biomechanical assessment and gait analysis investigates irregularities in the way a person moves to assess how to treat many conditions that affect adults and children.  It can help identify the cause of pain in the heel, ankle, foot, lower limbs, knee, hip or back.

An orthotic is a custom-made insole that you can be prescribed to help correct a biomechanical issue which may alleviate some painful conditions.  See Orthotic Insoles page for more information about orthotic insoles.

You may have been referred to Rachel for an assessment by your Consultant, GP or other medical professional or you can self-refer if you have concerns and want to be seen by a highly experienced podiatrist.

See below if you want more detailed explanation about biomechanical assessments.

Contact the Centres for an appointment on 020 8348 5553