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Project Description

    • £45 for a 30 minute chiropody appointment
    • £55 home visit

Normally conditions such as hard skin, nail cutting, etc, can be dealt with during a chiropody consultation.

    • £60  for a one hour biomechanical assessment

If you are prescribed an orthotic insole the cost for a cast and the orthotics are:

    • £80 plaster cast
    • £160 pair of orthotic insoles

If you are prescribed an orthotic insole the cost includes a follow-up appointment where your orthotic is properly fitted into your shoe or trainer. All orthotics are guaranteed for 18 months and most casts are kept for a minimum of 2 years should you want to order more.

Rachel Miller is recognised by the major insurance companies.  There are many different types and levels of insurance cover concerning podiatry, biomechanical assessments, casts and orthotics. Contact your insurance company to confirm your level of cover or call reception with your enquiry.